This pathway is all about connecting new visitors and guests to the life and
function of our church. In three steps, or classes, this pathway is intended to do
4 simple things:
(a) shares the mission and vision of WPC
(b) teaches about membership and what it means to be a part of the WPC family
(c) helps people learn what it means to “Be Disciples who Make disciples”, and
(d) connects people with their mission and ministry, in other words helps them find where they fit at WPC and discover the unique place God has for each one of us in his church body.


This is a one-hour class where you can learn about our church from our mission and vision to membership, from what it means to be Presbyterian to what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples. It digs a little deeper into the life of WPC and gives you a chance to join the fun.

Step 1
Coming HOME


Step two of the Disciples’ Pathway focuses on the first part of our mission: BE DISCIPLES.  This course breaks down being a disciple into five basic points: Scripture, Prayer, Giving, Mission & Ministry.  It covers the basics of discipleship by supplying tools for reading your Bible and praying, providing an overview of giving and serving, and helps in connecting you to others in the same process of being disciples.

Step 2


The third and final step of this pathway equips disciples of Jesus to MAKE DISCIPLES.  It digs deeper into the mission of every disciple found in Scripture to “go and make disciples”.  Recognizing this can be a daunting task for every Jesus-follower, this class gives you basic tools to build your confidence and better equip you to make disciples.  Through studying the Word, conversation, and various tools the hope is that each person who completes the Disciples’ Pathway feels ready to go all in as a follower of Jesus!

Step 3