New to WPC?

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At the New Visitor’s Reception you will be invited to join the Disciples’ Pathway.  This is the next step, with 3 stops. It aims to introduce you to the ins and outs of our church, and zero in on our mission to Be Disciples Make Disciples. 
The very first stop on that pathway is the Coming Home class. This is a one-hour class about membership, mission & vision, and overview of what it means to be a disciple who makes disciples. It digs a little deeper into the life of WPC and gives you a chance to join the fun.
See the Disciples’ Pathway page for details about the pathway and the next two classes.

New Visitors'


We love visitors!  In an effort to make you feel welcome, at home, and part of the family we have created the perfect space for just that. Each month new visitors are invited to a quick reception between services (10:15.) Grab a cup of coffee, meet some key leaders, ask questions, and learn more about our church. This space allows you to explore WPC as well as to connect you to others doing the same thing.